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Quarterly need-to-know content by Interlegal

Publicado el 11/1/2019

Quarterly need-to-know content by Interlegal

Welcome to our regular newsletter. During September-December we have prepared several great articles, that you could miss.

We made an Alert on Ukrainian martial law. Martial law was imposed in Ukraine for 30 days as president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko warned of the “extremely serious” threat of a Russian land invasion. We recommend our clients to check Charter Parties for War Risk Clauses, include the appropriate circumstances into Force Majeure Clause and other measures.

In October we made a compilation of the Contractual clauses which should not be omitted and gave our short recommendations on the legal their affairs at the Ukrainian ports. Moreover, we disassembled in details Amendments to GAFTA 48 & 49 standard forms.

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