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Register now to the conference "Asylum and Refugees: the perspective of lawyers" - October 27, 2016 - Budapest, Hungary

Publicado el 14/10/2016

Register now to the conference

Register now for the conference "Asylum and Refugees: the perspective of lawyers" - October 27, 2016 - Budapest, Hungary

The Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA - International Association of Lawyers) is pleased to invite you to the training seminar and discussion on "Asylum and Refugees: the perspective of lawyers", which organized the October 27, 2016 in Budapest Hungary, on the eve of the annual meeting of the association.

In the context of the immigration crisis currently affecting millions of people worldwide, schools and bar associations and lawyers in general, undoubtedly they have a responsibility and a role.

Register for this event to learn specifically about the issue of international protection and find out how you., As a guarantor of rights and guarantees, it can contribute effectively to discussions on the issue of refugees manner.

This event will also be the occasion to present the project to the UIA has developed to support law schools in terms of professional training in refugee law.

We hope count with your participation!


Click here to view the preliminary program of the event and the registration form.

Free event. Registration required.

The Budapest Congress program is very rich, with more than 40 sessions of work of the scientific committees. For more information, see the website of the UIA or download the registration program.



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