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UIA News - December 2016

Publicado el 13/1/2017

UIA News - December 2016



Author's note - Marcus Schriefers


Dear UIA Friends,

We lead increasingly busy professional lives. Each year it seems to pass a little faster, and before we know it, the time comes to send out Christmas greetings, especially to friends and colleagues who we do not see regularly.

The holiday season workload has unfortunately delayed this newsletter, which, along with our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, will reach you later than expected, but hopefully not too late!

The newsletter has two main themes. The first is the approach to the UIA is taking refugee rights, as can be seen in the articles by Pascal Maurer and Jackie Scott.

The second is a review of the Budapest Congress. We are aware that due to the large number of events at the Congress, you may have missed some of the interesting information and discussions on offer. In this newsletter, we have therefore focused on the work of the commissions and on the main Congress themes.

There is also an article on the International Malaysia Law Conference and an overview of all the projects our defense of defense has handled in recent years. It is startling to see the number of cases and jurisdictions throughout the world in which the legal profession still needs to be defended. We are very grateful to our colleagues for their many efforts in these areas.

The newsletter team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Best Regards,



Activities of the UIA-Institute for the Rule of Law

The Basic Principles of the Status of Refugees - Pascal Maurer

The team led by Pascal Maurer has worked on the legal, international and national basis on the status of refugees, a global issue specifically devoted to advocates. More information


The Legal Framework for the Protection of Refugees - Jackie Scott

The UIA addresses the legal framework of refugee protection measures from the point of view of a lawyer. More information

Defense defense

See the activities report for the years 2015 and 2016, a presentation of the main activities. More information


Review of the Budapest Congress


Main theme 1: Compliance - Carlo Mastellone

What challenges and opportunities does this term imply? More information

Main theme 2: Towards an international regulation of mass surveillance and profiling - Jean-François Henrotte

Mass surveillance, whether by the State for criminal profiling or for commercial purposes by the private sector through the exploitation of personal data, is fully confronted with the limits that must be respected in order to ensure that Essential principles of the lawyer's secrecy are not affected. Its indispensable regulation requires a necessarily international approach. More information


The program of the commissions - presentation - Sebastiaan Moolenaar


The International Senate of Bar Associations in Budapest - Francis Gervais

The obligation of confidentiality imposed on the lawyer is not only an essential element of the judicial system, pillar of the trust that must exist in the professional relationship between the client and his lawyer, but also an essential element of any democracy, since it is a question of An indispensable protection that the society undertakes to guarantee to the justiciable. More information


The Malaysian Law Conference took place in Kuala Lumpur on September 21, 2016 - Stephen Dreyfuss

A presentation and insight into the legal professional privilege applicable in Malaysia. More information



News of the UIA

Laurence Bory, premier of UIA

Laurence Bory, First President of the UIA

Laurence Bory, a lawyer at the Geneva Bar and co-founder and partner of Bory & Associés, assumed the UIA presidency at the close of the association's congress on 31 October in Budapest, Hungary. The Frenchman Jean-Jacques Uettwiller happens in this position. More information



Compendium on International and National Legal Frameworks on Child Marriage

The UIA is pleased to announce that the World Bank's Compendium on International and National Legal Frameworks on Child Marriage, reviewed by a group of UIA's members, has been published online. The Compendium of International and National Legal Framework on Child Marriage ("the Compendium") provides a survey of the key international, regional and national legal instruments as they relate to the right to marry with the full and free consent of the intending spouses and to The obligation for government to take legislative measures to abolish child marriage. The Compendium consists of topical chapters with jump links to source documents, such as United Nations conventions, regional treaties, national constitutions and legislations.

Please find the Compendium below or click here.

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