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Publicado el 7/3/2014

Message from Laura Danielson, co-editor of this newsletter Dear members of the UIA Immigration and Nationality Law Commission: Thank you for the opportunity to co-edit this newsletter. I am pleased to be a part of the UIA’s immigration community, and to participate in this publication highlighting the ever-changing and diverse laws monitoring the comings and goings of people across the globe. This issue of the UIA newsletter includes excellent contributions from India (Shalini Agarwal), Mexico (Enrique Arellano), Spain (Marla Bojorge), China (June Cheng), the U.K. (Laura Devine), Switzerland (Rayan Houdrouge/Jeremy Nacht), the U.S. (Mark Mancini), and the U.S. (Ellen Yost). Nearly all of these articles highlight recent reforms in legislation or policy, illustrating the rapidly changing world in which we all live. Mexico, China, and the U.K. have all undergone major transitions, and Spain has taken significant strides to recognize the positive contribution of immigrants by developing new categories for business people, entrepreneurs and those with high levels of talent. The U.S. lags behind in failing to reform a scheme it has clearly overgrown, but instead continues to expand its workforce inspection and compliance programs. India struggles with whether or not to allow dual nationality but in the alternative has developed programs to encourage former Indian citizens to migrate back. In the quarter of a century that I have practiced immigration law, we have seen a significant increase in global migration, including frequent and temporary business transfers that require careful monitoring and compliance. Our business clients need assistance with their constantly shifting personnel, just as our family clients need help with reunification and humanitarian relief. We can’t do it alone any longer. As immigration lawyers we have had to adapt, adjust, and build close networks and affiliations with our colleagues throughout the world. I write this as a personal case in point from my Shanghai office desk across the Huangpu River from my American daughter, my Dutch/Turkish son-in-law, and my one year old China-born grand-daughter who has already visited three continents and is being raised up in three languages. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the UIA and I look forward to seeing many of you in Toronto from April 24 – 26 for a AIJA/UIA jointly sponsored seminar on Business Travel and Short Term Mobility. Cordially, Laura Danielson

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