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Asbestos kills and surrounds us

Publicado el 14/6/2019

Asbestos kills and surrounds us

The law firm Oria, Pajares y Asociados organizes an interesting conference on asbestos. Different experts will participate in it, such as our regular collaborator, Joaquín Ortega Herrera.

The participation of the Professor of the History of Science, Alfredo Menéndez, the expert in occupational health and the representative of the Workers' Commissions in the Community Institutions and the International Labor Organization is also planned.

It is expected that Ricardo Torregrosa will talk about asbestos in Murcia, the REPSOL case.

There will also be international experts such as Mariano Avecedo, president of the Argentine Association of Exposed to asbestos in the Subway of Buenos Aires, among others.

An open debate is planned with the intervention of several affected: Metro, RTVE, Uralita, Military, CAF, plumbers.

It will take place next Thursday, June 13, at 11.00 at the AC Recoletos Hotel (C / Recoletos, 18). In Madrid

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