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Palma Abogados - Newsletter.

Publicado el 15/7/2016

Palma Abogados - Newsletter.

13th July 2016

Digital File on Judicial Proceedings Law.

On 18th June 2016, Law N° 20.886, which creates “Digital Files” for trials processed in Chile, entered into force for most of the Chilean jurisdictional territory. Such law will enter into force for the rest of the territory on December, 2016.

Additional Protocol to the Framework Agreement of the Pacific Alliance.

On 1st May 2016, entered into force such protocol which aims to promote the free movement of goods, services, capital and people among Chile, Colombia, México and Peru.

Labeling and Advertising of Food Law.

On 26th June 2016, Decree N° 13, issued by the Ministry of Health, entered into force. Such Decree sets forth new labeling requirements for food containing high rates of sodium, sugar, saturated fat or calories.

Pro Investment Committee.

On 9th May 2016, Decree N° 202, issued by the Ministry of Economy, created a Pro Investment Committee. Such Committee aims to advise the President of Chile in monitoring and managing investment initiatives in Chile, whether public or private.

Environment Conservation Real Right.

On 25th June  2016 entered into force Law N° 20.930 which sets forth an Environment Conservation Real Right. Under such Real Right, people are entitled to preserve the environmental heritage of an area.

Chile Takes the Silala River Dispute to the International Court of Justice.

On 6th June 2016 the President of Chile announced that a formal complaint against Bolivia has been made by Chile in regards to the ongoing Silala River dispute between these two countries. This complaint was made at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague- the U.N.’s highest court system – which has heard previous lawsuits from both parties.

Apostille Convention.

On 30th August 2016, the Apostille Convention will enter into force in the Republic of Chile.



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