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Budapest Congress: Sign up for cultural activities and book your accommodation!

Publicado el 14/10/2016

Budapest Congress: Sign up for cultural activities and book your accommodation!

Have you already booked your accommodation?

Only some rooms are available in hotels selected for the Congress of the UIA!

Do not wait to book and take advantage of special rates for conference participants!

For more information, please contact our partner agency Destination Plus:


Have you already booked your activities for your stay in Budapest?

Send your registration form to our partner agency Destination Plus or visit their website to enjoy cultural and gastronomic outings during the congress.

Walking tour of the district of Pest

Price: 45 €


It will begin by taking the tram to visit the Parliament, one of the symbols of Budapest on the Danube. a pause will be placed on the Strudel House where you can taste the famous pastry specialty of central Europe in a Hungarian landmark. Then he will head to St. Stephen's Basilica, the largest in Budapest before discovering the exterior of the Great Synagogue in Budapest, considered the largest in Europe.

Finally, take the tram to the Market Hall of Budapest on Saturday, a neo-Gothic building and Sunday, handicraft market Jewish quarter, where you will find creations of Hungarian designers.

► Saturday, October 29 - Sunday October 30> morning

Limited number of Parliament seats visit.





Walking tour of the Castle District

Price: 45 €

You can visit the historic Castle district located on the hill overlooking the Danube.

The tour will start with a visit to the Matthias Church, the lower funicular station, then the Labyrinth (a network of underground caves and cellars in the district). Then you visit elPalacio Real, which houses the Budapest History Museum, the National Szechenyi Library and the Fishermen's Bastion, built for the Millennium celebrations symbolic monument.

►Sábado October 29 - Sunday October 30> Later



Music in Budapest, Budapest National Opera

Price: 45 €


UIA offers exclusive visit of the National Opera of Budapest (approximately 45 minutes) and enjoy a musical interlude (about 10 minutes). The Opera House was built in the nineteenth century, inspired by the Vienna State Opera. If check out its facade you will discover the statues of great composers! A bus transfer is scheduled to Budapest Marriott hotel before the informal evening.

►Sábado October 29> casual prevelada

Relaxation and rest in the Széchenyi baths (UIA Exclusivity: VIP entrance)

Price: 115 €

The Szechenyi baths are the largest medicinal baths in Europe 7 thermal pools (3 outdoor and 4 indoor), several saunas, a hammam, a mud bath, carbogaseosos baths, salt baths, whirlpool, solarium ... Enjoy an exclusive entrance to the bathrooms! VIP formula including the entrance with wardrobe, towel and bathrobe rental, guided tour of the baths, aroma massage of 30 minutes, 15 minutes aromatherapy cabin a lounge area and access to the open bar of fresh fruit and tea. Do not forget your swimsuit!

►Domingo October 30> Later




Cooking class at the Covered Great Market

Price: 75 € with lunch and drinks included



Discover the culinary specialties of Hungary!

Having made their purchases in the Great Covered Market Budapest, you learn to prepare a typical Hungarian menu with the help of a cook Chef.

Here you can sample preparations in a convivial atmosphere.

►Lunes October 31> morning






Sport activities

Activities are planned for you to enjoy your stay in Budapest:


• Footing on the Danube on Sunday 30 October
• Soccer match against a team of Hungarian lawyers on Monday 31 October

The Budapest Congress program is very rich, with more than 40 sessions of work of the scientific committees. For more information, see the website of the UIA or download the registration program.



You will discover soon: our website dedicated to the Budapest Congress, with all the information on our scientific and social activities!



Follow all the news of the congress through Facebook and Twitter! Through discussion groups on LinkedIn, you can exchange views on the various issues that will encourage Congress.




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