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Luxembourg: Featured Events

Publicado el 8/8/2019

Luxembourg: Featured Events

Parallel events
In addition to the sessions of the UIA commissions, several events will be held to facilitate networking and encourage meetings with related interests:

Regional Attorneys Forums

November 6, 2019
 On the first day of the congress, even before its official opening, participants can be part of debates and meetings focused on regional issues or linguistic affinities: Spanish-language lawyers' forum, Portuguese-speaking lawyers' forum, French-speaking lawyers' forum , Central and Eastern European lawyers' forum, Latin American lawyers' forum, Arabic-speaking lawyers' forum.

 African Lawyers Forum: 'The Continental Free Trade Area of ​​Africa' - Perspectives and issues for African lawyers. With the support of Aliant Law.

Sessions and events dedicated to women lawyers.

 The lawyers participating in the congress will have the opportunity to meet and discuss their professional life:

November 7
 Session of the Labor Law Commission on gender diversity and anti-discrimination solutions;

November 9
 Cocktail of the UIA Women Network
 Special session on violence against women

Activities young lawyers (under 35)

November 8th
 "The challenges facing lawyers who are self-employed and medium-sized offices"
November 9
 "The sustainability of companies" (Session UIA-AIJA)
 Several activities proposed:
 - Sports activities: football match, morning jogging
 - Social activities: parties, cocktails, breakfasts.
Law Firm Activities
November 7
 Special session on "increasing revenue from law firms". The UIA supports the leaders of law firms to face challenges in terms of strategy, human and financial resources.
November 8th
 The representatives of the law firms will have 3 minutes to present their activities during the "Speed ​​Dating of the Law Offices".
 Finally, the UIA will organize a cocktail for the corporate members of its UIAdvance program. Learn more about UIAdvance
Workshop on the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) and the practice of law
November 9, 2019
 In advance, participants will be questioned, "What is AI? To better understand their knowledge of the subject. A practical demonstration will allow us to visualize the potential tools and discuss the social consequences of artificial intelligence. In addition, to better understand the impact of artificial intelligence, it has been decided to submit it to a trial, on behalf of the precautionary principle, articulated around a President of the Court, a general defender and LegalTech4You as the creator of the innovative solution.A panel of lawyers will interpret the role of protagonists of this trial.
Workshop organized in association with and
With the support of

 Featured Events
Ludovic Trarieux Prize 2019

November 8th
 On May 24, the jury of the Ludovic Trarieux Prize named the Colombian lawyer Rommel Durán Castellanos as the winner of the 2019 Prize. Rommel Durán is a human rights lawyer, president of the Peoples Legal Team (EJP), and volunteer of the Solidarity Committee with the Political Prisoners (CSPP) in Bucaramanga. In recent years, Rommel Durán has been subjected to harassment and unjustified reprisals: serious intimidation, death threats, physical attacks and arbitrary detention. The 24th Ludovic Trarieux Prize will be awarded during the congress. More information
Second photo contest of the UIA
 The second photo contest awaits your contributions! The theme chosen by the Art Law Commission is "Money" and everything that evokes this word. The deadline to submit your photos is September 30. The 10 best photographs will be selected by a jury and displayed at the congress. More information
Screening of the film "Children war reporters"
November 7, 2019 - 5.30 pm
 The UIA will screen the documentary "Children of war reporters" by Yemeni filmmaker Khadija Al Salami. Khadija Al Salami won the AMADE (World Association of Friends of the Childhood) Award and the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) Award at the last Monte Carlo Festival.

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