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Special session: violence against women

Publicado el 24/7/2019

Panel 1:
  Sexual violence at national and domestic level: an endemic plague
Presentation of the joint publication of the UIA on the status of women and the rule of law.

  Debate on violence against women emphasizing the Istanbul Convention.

  Alain GROSJEAN (Bonn & Schmitt) Luxembourg
Deidre DU BOIS (Dupong, Krieps, Du Bois & Dias Videira) Luxembourg

Isabelle RIASSETTO (University of Luxembourg) Luxembourg
Michèle FEIDER (Youth Protection section of the prosecution office) Luxembourg (guest)
Julie Prudence NIGNA SOMDA (magistrate and former Minister of Human Rights) Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Panel 2:
 Sexual violence in vulnerable areas: Zero Impunity Objective
Roundtable: How to get zero impunity? Transitional justice? Universal justice? Other solutions?

 Marie-Paule GILLEN (DSM) Luxembourg
François PRUM, outgoing President of the Luxembourg Bar Association (Turk & Prum) Luxembourg

Michèle HIRSCH (Hirsch & Vanhaelst) Brussels, Belgium

 Analysis of current deficiencies in judicial systems and processes directed against perpetrators of gender-based violence; Analysis of the insufficiency of the traditional judicial system of reparation in favor of victims of violations in sensitive areas; The paradox of active involvement of victims in the trial (victims acting as witnesses); Ways of reflection to correct these deficiencies: the need to rethink the adequacy of the methods and strengthen the effectiveness of the struggle to reach zero tolerance; the need to guarantee a quick and effective reparation for the victims, with special emphasis on the protection against trauma that their participation in the process implies; reconsider the process of obtaining evidence and its use in the trial; Legal actions against all authors, both direct and indirect; Consider a wider use of the concept of bleaching (or revising this concept) in relation to all those who have benefited, even indirectly, from violence in conflict areas.
How to guarantee the rule of law, how to document sexual violence / not lose evidence for future criminal charges, and how to prosecute those guilty?

 Céline BARDET, lawyer and international criminal investigator specializing in war crimes, international criminal justice and transnational crime. He created the French NGO "We are NOT Weapons of War" dedicated to combating sexual violence in armed conflict.

 It will be the occasion to publicize “Stand Speak Rise Up”, an initiative of SAR the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and co-organized by WWoW and the Mukwege Foundation to eradicate sexual violence in vulnerable areas. It will present Back Up, a mobile application created by “We are NOT Weapons of War” and developed by IntechLux to allow the identification of survivors of sexual violence, facilitate their access to essential services locally and improve the coordination of professionals in the field . See the livre blanc of the Stand Speak Rise UP conference

The use of technology to address the problem of sexual violence in conflict settings and accelerate justice.
 Nicolas SANITAS (InTech) Luxembourg

Establish evidence of sexual violence in vulnerable areas / How to ensure the preservation of evidence for future criminal charges before national and international courts?
 Julie GOFFIN (Alter Égaux Avocats) Brussels, Belgium

Exploitation and sexual abuse in the aid sector: the responsibility of humanitarian workers / peacekeepers.
 Jacqui HUNT (Director Europe office, Equality Now) London, United Kingdom
Panel 3:
  The role of lawyers and bar associations in the fight against gender violence
Round table:

Issouf BAADHIO, President of the UIA, Former Dean of the Bar Association of Burkina Faso (Cabinet Baadhio), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Stéphane BOONEN, Former Dean of the Brussels Bar Association, Brussels, Belgium
Marie-Aimée PEYRON, Dean of the Paris Bar Association, Paris, France
Françoise HECQUET (PHPG) Paris, France
Nadine DOSSOU-SAKPONOU (Cabinet Robert M. Dossou) Cotonou, Benin

  Valérie DUPONG, Vice President of the Luxembourg Bar Association (Dupong, Krieps, Du Bois & Dias Videira), Luxembourg
Manou HOSS (Elvinger Hoss Prussen), Luxembourg

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