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"The experience more than 50 years giving the best service to our clients."

Likewise the big Law Firms we maintain a multidiscipline vocation but with a clear willing to offer a tailor-made service to every Client, emphasizing the fact that the efficiency and the quality prevail over any other consideration, as well as a personal attitude towards the Client. Goals which achievement helps us almost five years since we are integrated in Ernst&Young Abogados.

At least one of the associated Lawyers is present, participates supervising in all and each of the legal projects that the Firm is immersed, promoting coordination and work between various departments.

Enormous part of our work turns around companies necessities with special emphasis on a preventive extrajudicial advice. Our work begins with a Company formation and lasts the whole Company life going through its legal changes like: expansions, mergers, absorptions, liquidations, contracting, litigation, legal advice…

In this conciliatory interest, the owner of the Firm Mr. José Pajares Echeverría is arbitrator of Aragonese Arbitration Court of Mediation.

We are experts in restructurization, refinancing y reorganization of the companies to adapt them to their real necessities and possibilities both economics and financial ones (counting for it with the area of specific performance “outsourcing financing for SMB (small and medium businesses. Attending, when it results necessary and obligatory inclusive, due to the company circumstances, to state of insolvency which we are experts and specialists of.

Mr. José Pajares Echeverría was a President of the Commission of Insolvencies of the International Union of Lawyers (2008-2012) as well as Counselor to the Presidency (2013-2015), organization that represents more than 2 mln of Lawyers all over the World and as such participates in the 5th Working Group (Insolvency Law) of then Commission of International Trade Law of United Nations (UNCITRAL); currently occupying a position of a President of Spanish Chapter of International Union of Lawyers.

Pajares y Asociados Abogados

PAJARES&ASOCIADOS has experience in business structuration like privatizations, project finance, company’s restructuration, mergers and acquisitions. Lawyers with negotiation experience working together with other members of the Firm specialized in the related operation. In this way it is possible to cover all aspects of the project, in all its stages.

Likewise, we have carried out an important labor in the area of franchise and distribution, assisting and advising both judicially and extra judicially, to many franchise and franchisees companies, taking part of the Committee of Legal Experts of the Spanish association of franchisors and being advisers of the Aragonese Association of Franchisors.

PAJARES & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS also covers other legal specialties such as civil liability and insurance, which highlights the expertise in claims by exposure to asbestos, property and construction law, intellectual and industrial property, unfair competition, and matrimonial law and inheritance matters.

We have great professionals with a broad experience in temporary receivership and insolvency (currently bankruptcy proceedings), company restructuring and family business. We also defend our clients´ interests before the Public Administration (both in the administrative and economics Courts and litigations) administrative which, together with the criminal law department, especially in matters with both economic and labor contents, complete the range of services offered within the field of business consulting.

As well as this, the Firm performs a significant activity in other areas such as the distribution and franchise law. Some of our lawyers participate in the International Union of Lawyers (U.I.A.) by giving Seminars and Conferences, especially within the field of insolvency law, in which we have become specialists of reference.

The work scope of PAJARES & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS is not restricted to Zaragoza or Aragón, not even to our area of influence -Navarra and La Rioja- but it comprises the whole national territory counting with offices in Madrid (Velázquez 70 Street, 3th left). This makes it possible for PAJARES & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS to open new offices outside Zaragoza in the future. PAJARES & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS also works outside our country, in such countries as England, France, Italy, Germany, Romania, India, Switzerland, Egypt, Argentina, Panama, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Ecuador, China, Israel and the United States, in which it keeps correspondents and currently is conducting various litigations.

PAJARES & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS counts, among its clients, both with some of the most important companies and national and international financial institutions, as individuals and entrepreneurs.

The services currently provided by PAJARES & ASOCIADOS ABOGADOS comprise the following specialties:


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