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6. Tax Law: Counseling Fiscal - Counseling accountant

Fiscal Counseling

  • Counseling in direct Personal Income Tax and Corporation Tax Specially:
    • Filling of summary declaration.
    • Reorganization of corporate operations: mergers, divisions, market exchanges.
    • Corporate groups, review of annual operations assessments, obligatory documentation preparation.
  • Counseling and proprietary fiscal planning of family business in the legacies and donations proceedings .
  • Counseling in indirect taxation and census matter. VAT and excise taxes. Compliance of formal obligations. Informal declarations.
  • Counseling in local and regional taxes In detail:
    • Economic activities tax .
    • Tax on asset transfers and legal documents acts.
    • DVAT delimitation in financial real estate operations.
    • Counseling and assistance in tax inspections before state, autonomous and local administrations.
  • Claims and appeals before administrative organs and Financial-Administrative courts.
  • Management and revenue procedures.
  • Sanctioning procedures in the tax area.

Accountant Counseling

  • Analysis and study of accounting treatment applied in business operations, registration rules and assessment contained in a General Accountant Plan.
  • Study and assistance in annual accounts preparation, and, when applied, content and results of an audit report.
  • Preparation, study and drafting of financial statements in Insolvency proceedings.

Expert reports. Economic evaluations.

Civil Law:

  • The dissolution of the marital partnership, wills, compensatory and maintenance pension.
  • Valuations of Civil Businesses (change in ownership, civil societies liquidation).

Commercial Law:

  • Non-monetary contributions (shares, bonds, corporate rights, partnerships and other equity rights,…).
  • Differentiated sectors of activity and Corporates valuation.
  • Purchase-sale contracts (compensation, penalty clause).
  • Loan contracts (interest charges, commissions)

Criminal Law:

  • Review of quantities of illegal appropriation, fraud, asset stripping, punishable insolvency.
  • Valuation of loss of profits and consequential damages, fund of funds.

Administrative Law:

  • Expropriations (valuation of loss of profits, compensations).
  • Compensation Boards (lost profit barter transactions).

Labour Law:

  • Economic assessment of incidents in Conventions.
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