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New York locals use facial technology to bar lawyers from entering

Posted on 13/2/2023

New York locals use facial technology to bar lawyers from entering

The company that owns Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall is using facial recognition technology in these locations to deny entry to lawyers working on litigation against the company. The Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, has sent a letter to those responsible for Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation asking about this practice, which would have affected up to 90 offices.

The letter came a month after The New York Times reported that security guards at Radio City Music Hall had informed Kelly Conlon, a personal injury lawyer, that she was on a "lawyer blackout list" when tried to gain access to the theater for a show in November. Conlon had been identified by facial recognition technology and marked as a no-entry for her because her law firm is involved in litigation against one of MSG Entertainment's restaurants.

Since October, MSG Entertainment has banned at least four lawyers from their properties, barring them from attending sports games and concerts because of where they work.

According to various US media, in the note sent to the company, the attorney general reproaches that MSG Entertainment is using facial recognition to veto access to lawyers who are litigating against the company, even in cases in which they have purchased their tickets.

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