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The National Court sends to the TS the patrimonial claims by Covid

Posted on 17/11/2022

The National Court sends to the TS the patrimonial claims by Covid

Hoteliers, merchants, companies linked to passenger transport and tourism, gyms, training schools... all those businesses that were not considered essential during the confinement, and had to close during the hardest months of the Covid pandemic. -19, seek compensation. Also those who saw their activities reduced by the 'curfew'. Many of these businessmen have claimed patrimonial responsibility from the State through the National Court, although this body has decided not to go into the merits of the matter and has directly sent dozens of appeals to the Supreme Court, which declared its competence to analyze this situation.

This has been indicated by legal sources to La Información, which emphasize that all these disputes will add to the "avalanche" that the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the High Court has received for months. In fact, the president of said Chamber, César Tolosa, asked for reinforcements to be able to deal with the high number of cases that he accumulates. The vacancies left by the retirements of several magistrates are not covered due to the impossibility of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) to make appointments in the judicial leadership, since they are in office (a situation that has been going on since December 2018). However, one of the 'empty' seats will be occupied by the former president of the governing body of judges Carlos Lesmes, who will return as a 'low' magistrate to this Chamber after presenting his resignation. This will make it possible to form the different sections and provide an outlet for part of these and other issues pending resolution.

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