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Avalanche of legal proceedings after the health crisis

Posted on 5/5/2021

Avalanche of legal proceedings after the health crisis

During the pandemic, the number of judicial files has been reduced by 26%. This has been assured by the Dean of the Cantabria Bar Association, Andrés de Diego, in the Encuentros program of RNE in Cantabria. On the contrary, De Diego predicts that when the health crisis is overcome, there will be an avalanche of procedures, labor, corporate and claims as a result of the closures of establishments, especially the hotel industry. On the contrary, De Diego predicts that when this crisis passes, there will be an avalanche of procedures, product of the consequences of the pandemic itself. “Yes, it is apparent that there are massive claims underway arising from the declaration of the state of alarm, for example by the hotel industry. They will be claims of patrimonial responsibility towards the State, derived from the closing decisions. They will be very important procedures, and it is likely that they will be resolved before the Supreme Court, as they are related to government decisions. There will also be many labor processes when the Ertes ends, commercial procedures derived from the business crisis… there will be many new developments, but we have not yet started ”. Mediation, a very useful tool: The Dean of the Cantabria Bar Association places value on medication in the face of the classic judicial process. A system that due to ignorance is used less than it should. “Citizens should be taught that the resolution of conflicts through medication is a very useful tool, because they participate actively and personally, getting involved in the resolution of the conflict, while the sentence of a judge is going to be traumatic and in many cases it will not be satisfactory for the parties. Mediation is useful for the parties and also for the administration of justice, because it reduces the workload of the courts. The Bar Association is very involved in its use ”. In these times when technology is more essential than ever, Andrés de Diego affirms that the Cantabrian platform Vereda is the best in Spain. However, he asks for more human and technical resources for the administration of justice.


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